The Joint Coordination Committee The project team is fully supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency, the Embassy of Japan, the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS) – Division of the University for National and World Economy (UNWE) – Sofia. The project team members and the representatives from the respective organizations form a Joint Coordination Committee that determines the overall basic project schemes through periodical general meetings. Members Bulgarian Side Project Director: Mr. Ivo Konov, Director of Donor Programmes, Ministry of Economy & Energy. Project Manager: Prof. Bojana Nedeltcheva, Deputy Director of Institute for Postgraduate Studies-Division of University of National & World Economy-Sofia Members: Ms. Annie Davidkova, State Expert, Enterprise Policy Directorate, Ministry of Economy & Energy, Ms. Vanya Boneva, Chief Expert, Technological Development & Innovations Derectorate, Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency, Prof. Ivan Stoychev, IPS, Prof. Antoanetta Vassileva, IPS, Prof. Milanka Slavova, IPS, Mr. Jivko Draganov, Ph.D., IPS. Members Japanese Side

Members: Mr. Toshiyuki Nawata, Second Secretary, Embassy of Japan, Mr. Keizo Kagawa, Resident Representative, JICA Bulgaria Office, Mr. Hiroshi Matsuzaki, JICA Long-term Expert, IPS, Mr. Kazuo Oitani, JICA Long-term Expert, IPS.